Welcome to Crouch Valley Emporium

Thanks for stopping by. We are still updating our website and are working on setting up a new online shop.


So why not come down to the shop in Battlesbridge and have a look around in person. They are a lot of other shops here too, and plenty of places to have a drink and something to eat too.


We have a range of items for sale, from old antiques to modern collectible’s, Salvage and reclamation items and a lot more. Some of the items that we have are listed below.


Leadlight Windows

Stain Glass window fragments


Floor tiles

Ridge tiles

Stoneware / Glass bottles

Cine / cameras / Projectors

Pub related items

Old electrical items, Radios, meter’s, etc…

Gold and silver items

Old 8mm / 16mm films, slide’s, glass plate negatives, photos


We are in the process of dismantling an old Thames sailing barge, and recovering a lot of wood and iron parts from it. As it is too far gone to ever sail again and the tide has been coming into the haul for the last 15 years plus. But this has led to same very nice drift looking type wood being recovered now.


We have a lot of customers looking for items for their projects they are working on personally or for work.


So when you do come in to have a good look around and rummage, as you never know what you will find.


We also buy too, so if you have an item to sell you can come in and we will have a look, but no guarantee we will buy, as space can be an issue at times. If your item is heavy please call or send a photo so that we can have a look and let you know before coming.



We are located at:

Crouch Valley Emporium
Unit 26, Muggeridge Farm

SS11 7RF

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If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, please contact us:

WhatsApp: +44 7412 065329 +44 7412 065329
Phone:        +44 7412 065329 +44 7412 065329
E-mail:        ozco29@hotmail.com


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